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From the 4 choices below, please select  areas where we could be helpful to you: Coaching is a service for educational professionals and Math Anxiety is for everyone! Small-Group writing and American History Alive are oriented toward students in grades 3-8.

American History Alive!
In many elementary schools today, history is not a high priority as schools work to make sure that basic reading and math skills are mastered first. If you'd like to make sure that your child picks up the basics of American History in elementary school, or if your child's experiences with the study of history have not been enthusiastically positive, we offer an innovative literature-based approach that may very well create stimulating dinner conversations and perhaps even lead to a deep love of history. Our "secret" is to involve the child in the way that a child understands unfamiliar situations best—through the eyes of other children.  Upon enrollment you will receive complete guidelines for using stories that you can easily obtain, suitable for grades 3-8, with supplementary materials that you'll use at your own pace.
• This will be a unique and self-taught course. Please contact me to learn more.
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