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From the 4 choices below, please select  areas where we could be helpful to you: Coaching is a service for educational professionals and Math Anxiety is for everyone! Small-Group writing and American History Alive are oriented toward students in grades 3-8.

Everyone can be "good" at math!
What an amazing statement!  Probably no work brought home from school for "extra help" from a parent  brings forth as many tears and anxiety-driven shouting matches over the dining room homework table than math. Parents aren't sure how to help when the work presented and due the next morning doesn't look familiar, teachers feel both the anxiety of their students and the press is full of articles that suggest American students lag behind the rest of the world in a subject that is perhaps even more important than is already believed.
Help is on the way!  Recent work being done by a group of outstanding mathematicians and educators and generously shared with anyone interested in learning could help you and the children you work with to view math in an entirely different way. I have participated in their courses and have two years of experience in using their techniques with my own students. I can share with you via study lists, online practice, or a combination of methods that suit your own learning style. 
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